Carbgold Australia - Process & Technology



Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd utilises a patented process which enables the processing of accumulated material to recover the contained activated Carbon.

1. Pre-conditioning, incorporating:

  • Scalping @ + 12mm material
  • Scrubbing of material (pressure washing)
  • Scalping @ +6.0mm

2. Drying of material

3. Gravity separation, removing:

  • Sand and grit - to greatly reduce Carbon 'wearing' and loss of Gold and blinding of screens
  • Silica - redusing 'Gumming' within your stripping circuit
  • Woodpulp
  • Plastic and rubber

4. The cleaned and activated Carbon will then be:

  • Sized to yor requirements Generally 2mm RH & 1.5mm slot
  • Product bagged and numbered (3 lines)

No Carbon is removed from the site and all processing can be carried out in the presence of your site representative.



Our process will result in a more efficient and profitable operation through:

  • Substantial reduction in Gold lost in fines being pumped to tails
  • Substantial reduction from Carbon lost from 'grinding'
  • Reduced blinding of intertank screens allowing increased throughput
  • Removal of unwanted and preg-robbing material
  • More efficient stripping operations with only clean and consistently sized Carbon moving through your stripping / regeneration circuit
  • Allows the mine to decrease the stocks of new Carbon held
  • The removal of sand and grit reducing Carbon wearing and Gold loss



Our Plant is mobile allowing processing on site, which facilitates your Compnay to retain control of valuable products and to monitor the efficiency of our operation.

The Plant has been built on a self-contained semi-trailer. This is approximately 3.5 metres wide and 12 metres long, with an overall height of 4.5 metres.

Also included is a SKID STEER LOADER for te loading of the material and the cleaning up of the site on completion.


All plant and equipment meets DOME regulations.



Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd conducts a self-contained operation but at all times will observe, maintain and ensure the following:

  • Site safety, DOME and EPA regulations
  • No dangerous chemicals are utilised in the process
  • All necessary insurance coverage - Certifiates of currency are available upon request
  • All personnel will undergo individual site inductions where and when required
  • All personnel have been trained and are experienced in the safe operating procedures of the process and machinery
  • All personnel hold valid vehicle and machinery licences
  • Clearing and cleaning the work site on contract completion to your Company's satisfaction



Independent tests carried out by the Department of Chemical Engineering , Monash University on our samples indicate that our process is able to recover 95% - 99%of organic material, which is up to twice the recovery rate of other conventional methods. Although Carbgold Aust Pty Ltd endeavours to process the material as effectively as possible, we can give no guarantee as to the purity, separation percentages or throughput rate.

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