Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd is the most effective and logistic way to increase Gold recovery and decrease Carbon loss in the mining industry.

With an Australian patented technology and chemical-free process, specialising in activated Carbon cleaning and resizing, we can increase mine profits.

As the plant is independently operated, there is no interference with existing mine operations. All work completed is compliant to the mine standards and ensures that as all operations are carried out on site, optimal security of all resources is guaranteed.

The Company can provide the following 'on site' services:

  • Removal of contaminants and activated Carbon fines directly from CIL and CIP processing tanks. The Carbgold machine can be hooked up directly to tanks thus allowing cleaning and re-introduction of sized activated Carbon to be carried out with minimal disruption to processing.
  • Clean up of Carbon spillage around treatment plants and safety screens. Gold-bearing Carbon can be separated from gravel, sand, clay, wood pulp, wood chips, basically any foreign material. The cleaned and resized Carbon can be re-introduced to the processing plant, or stored for later use.

This environmentally friendly process has the following benefits:

  • Separates coarse and fine Carbon
  • Reduces Gold lost in fines being pumped to tailings
  • Allows the recovery of Gold from spillages, previously lost
  • Reduces carbon lost from screens blocking up
  • Removes foreign material
  • Reduces breakdown of large Carbon by removing abrasive grits
  • Increases throughput efficiency
  • Decreases costs of processing
  • Allows mines to decrease stocks of new Carbon
  • Increases profits

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