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Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd is a Western Australian Company that owns and operates a patented mobile Carbon cleaning and resizing process of direct benefit to the Gold mining industry.

The Company has been operating for over 15 years with most of Australia's Gold producing mine sites.

The mobile unit is independently operated with minimal impact on existing mine operations. Using a reliable, environmentally friendly process, Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd increases mine Gold recovery and reduces carbon loss. As a result, mine productivity and profits are favourably reflected.

Carbgold Aust. Pty Ltd utilises a tested and proven technology that has been endorsed by one of Australia's most recognised industry experts, Dr Bill Jay, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Monash University.


This environmentally friendly process has the following benefits:

  • Separates coarse and fine Carbon
  • Reduces Gold lost in fines being pumped to tailings
  • Allows the recovery of Gold from spillages, previously lost
  • Reduces carbon lost from screens blocking up
  • Removes foreign material
  • Reduces breakdown of large Carbon by removing abrasive grits
  • Increases throughput efficiency
  • Decreases costs of processing
  • Allows mines to decrease stocks of new Carbon
  • Increases profits

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Gold is very reflective, so it is used to protect spacecraft and satellites from solar radiation. 
Industrial and medical lasers use gold-coated reflectors to focus light energy.

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